***Corona Virus Update****

Peace has moved our worship online until gathering for worship is recommended again because of the novel Corona Virus. E-mail us for a link to the Zoom meeting, or join us on our facebook page for facebook live.
We encourage everyone to study and pray and to remain safe.

We hope you come join us for worship on a Sunday morning! We’re always glad to meet new friends, and whoever you are, you are welcome in Sunday morning worship.

Here are some things you might want to know before you come.

Sunday Schedule:
Sunday School meets at 9:45 a.m. for children and adults. Peace Mennonite offers Sunday School classes for adults, youth, and children. The purpose of each class is to help us become more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

We gather for worship from 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m., followed by a time of fellowship.

Address: 14325 Proton Road, Dallas TX 75244
We are just off Midway Road north of I-635 (LBJ).

From East and West: From I-635 (LBJ) exit Midway Road. Go north on Midway. Pass Spring Valley Road and Proton Road is the next traffic light. Turn right on Proton Road and continue around the curve to 14325 Proton, on your right.

From North: From Dallas Tollway, exit Beltline and go west. Turn left on Midway. Turn left on Proton Road and continue around the curve to 14325 Proton, on your right.

From South: From Dallas Tollway, exit Spring Valley Road and go west. Turn right on Midway. Turn right on Proton Road and continue around the curve to 14325 Proton, on your right.

Dress on Sunday
Sunday morning is varied, everything from shorts and t-shirts to slacks and shirts. On a very rare occasion someone might wear a suit. Wear whatever feels right to you.

Coming In
When you arrive, come right in, if you’d like, say hello to whoever is nearest, grab a snack at the snack table and coffee by the door, and join us for Sunday School down the hall to your left, or for worship in the sanctuary straight back. Pick up a bulletin at the back of the sanctuary to follow along with the service and fill out a visitor’s card while you are there.

We have a nursery for children under 6 where kids can go after children’s time near the beginning of worship. This is for your convenience, kids are welcome throughout the service, and often enjoy staying with their parents, especially when they are new.

Our Worship Practices
Worship at Peace Mennonite revolves around practices. These practices include singing, praying, reading Scripture, lighting the peace lamp, children’s time, responsive liturgies, preaching, the giving of our tithes, and the sharing of our lives. We partake communion on the second Sunday of each month. We believe that through these acts the Spirit continually reforms us into the people of God. These practices help us to pursue peace, justice, and the love of our enemies.

At Peace Mennonite Church, we are strongly committed to the priesthood of all believers. By this, we mean, all of us are priests and everyone has gifts to offer and share with the community. For this reason, worship at Peace Mennonite Church is highly participatory. Each week, different individuals choose to lead worship, lead hymns, play the piano, read Scripture, and preach. As a way of linking ourselves with the larger body of Christ, our Scripture readings follow the Revised Common Lectionary. Because we believe that Scripture needs to be interpreted communally, numerous individuals from within the congregation choose to engage in the art of preaching, and we welcome regular attenders to volunteer for the pulpit. Our pastor preaches about twice a month. Following the time of preaching, we present our joys and concerns to the community and pray for one another.

After Worship
After our service, we enjoy a time of fellowship in order to catch up on each others’ lives. During fellowship, coffee, tea, and snacks are available.

On most second Sundays of each month, we partake in a potluck meal following Sunday Worship. Four times a year congregational meetings are held after the meal to discuss the life and ministries of the church. Check our Google Calendar for the potluck and meeting schedule.