About PMC
We are an open and affirming congregation rooted in the principles of peacemaking, loving our enemies, speaking out against injustice, living simply, and above all following the teachings of Jesus with our lives.

We live all over the Dallas Metroplex and come from a variety of denominational backgrounds, including some new to the faith. We welcome all who want to worship with us.

We are a congregation who gather each week to sustain our lives through the love of Christ. We are a close-knit community, committed to journeying together as we explore what it means to be Mennonites in the city of Dallas.

At Peace Mennonite, we lament all the ways in which the church has enmeshed itself with the world. We believe Christ calls all Christians to embody a lifestyle that looks radically different from the dominant culture, a lifestyle centered around loving one’s enemies, caring for the poor and needy, and promoting peace and justice. Church is the space where we learn and practice ways of life which help us be counter-cultural.

Children are important to the life of our congregation. We constantly try to involve children in the worship service.

Our congregation is a member of the Supportive Communities Network of the Brethren Mennonite Council for LGBTQ interests, Western District Conference and Mennonite Church USA.

About Mennonites
Mennonites have been around for nearly 500 years. We are a group within the Anabaptist tradition named after an early Anabaptist leader, Menno Simons. The early Mennonite movement began by rejecting being controlled by the church-state of the Medieval church. Mennonites have always insisted that no one is born into the church. Instead, Mennonites believe the church is a community of believers who choose to turn over their lives to Jesus Christ and be baptized to symbolize that commitment.

Together we strive to live out a new way of life in which Jesus is Lord above nationalism, materialism or selfish pursuit. Because of our strong commitment to nonviolence, we have become known as one of the historical peace churches.

If you want more information on Mennonites, the best way to learn is to come and join us for worship. However, here are some websites which provide more information about Mennonite tradition, culture, and history.

Third Way Cafe – a website committed to explaining Mennonites to the world.

Who are the Mennonites – by Mennonite Church USA

A Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective – a brief outline of our core convictions adopted by the Mennonite churches in the United States.

A summary of Anabaptist convictions – written in 2006 by Mennonite World Conference for the Anabaptist related congregations all over the world.